There are several factors that las vegas escorts professionals consider checking to know whether she is ready for sex or not. It includes:-

  • Pain levels:- If the pain levels of a female after birth are reducing then she is ready to slowly start sex after pregnancy otherwise you need to delay sex until pain levels are low.
  • Fatigue:- Post-pregnancy fatigue takes time to go and by measuring the fatigue, you can tell if the person is ready for sex or not.
  • Stress:- Post-pregnancy stress is high both on the body and on the mind as now there is a baby to take care of and several other mental stress are also there causing irritations. Thus if she is having high-stress levels, this is not a good time to start having sex then.
  • Sex drive:- Due to a number of changes, new responsibilities, hormonal imbalances, and post-pregnancy problems, the sex drive of a woman is fluctuating and most of the time it is very low or nil.
  • Vaginal dryness:- vaginal dryness occurs because of low estrogen due to childbirth and having sex in this state can cause issues related to bleeding and infections.
  • Periods:- after childbirth, ovaries are at their most fertilization state and thus you should wait until the regular period starts at their normal rate as periods start when female or las vegas call girls recovers fully after giving birth to a child.

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